Chuck Slavin

“New England Brothers and Sisters, with your support Roger and I will put our knowledge, experience, and desire to bring forth strong union contracts for us to work under. We will work tirelessly for all of us.” - Chuck Slavin

Roger Dillingham

“It would be my honor to volunteer my service and expertise for my fellow New England union sisters and brothers. Chuck and I will represent our union and the interests of all members. We’re here for your health, wealth, and safety.” - Roger Dillingham 


Supporters who have endorsed Chuck Slavin and Roger Dillingham's candidacies include: Andrea Zangla, Ayana Brown, Stuntman Dave, Cindy Doll, Rocky Rodriques, Lori Vozzella, Marinko Radakovic, Erica McDermott, Almitra Wiggins, Leah Procito, Freddie Wong, Paul Taft, Laura Corda, Francine Bouska, John Medeiros, Billy “V” Vigeant, Tyrone Alcorn, Arthur Hiou, Chemi Whitlow, Anastasia Mousis, Michael Winter, Alin Halajian, Mark Aubrey, Chris Burke, Jon Vaughn Jr, John Quinlan, Bobby Kenney, Shawn Doherty, Michael Dillen, Nadia Sayess, Mugisha Feruzi, Stefana Bagarella, Paul Vincent Rapisarda, Steve Ricard, Reno Ferris, John Cleary, Acei Martin, Al Cialella, Carl Tempesta, Jamie Ghazarian, Stephen Fordham, D-Tension, Robert Salisbury, Joel Arsenault, Matt Surette, Billy Silvia, Larry David Eudene, Rich Rothbell, Lida Roman, Donnie St. John, Diana Boudreau, and many more.  

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